3D Graphics & Visualisations

3D Graphics & Visualisations

Our expert graphics and visualisation team work closely with our architects to produce 3D models and computer-generated imagery. This helps clients to visualise the designs and transforms their aspiration into reality.

The careful translation of proposals into highly detailed, high quality and accurate imagery helps to secure that elusive planning permission and supports marketing material to help conclude a swift sale off-plan.

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3D Visualisation

From basic 2D plans and elevations or even sketches we have the know-how to create highly accurate and detailed 3D models. Coupled with the latest 3D graphic design software we can create stunning imagery from a conceptual style sketch, all the way to a realistic CGI of either interior spaces or exterior views to show the quality of the design. We can even to blend the proposed into the existing street scene with an accurate photo montage.

Brochure Design

The marketing of your development is the final step to conclude a swift sale and with our 3D graphic design visuals and photography we can create a high quality brochure for your clients to take away with them, combined with an online version for those that like to view things on the go.


We also have the capabilities to provide beautiful photography suitable for marketing material or planning application support. Using our existing relationships we also have access to CAA registered photographers who produce high resolution 4K drone photography and video to create realistic overhead photo montages or marketing videos of completed developments.


At Ascot Design Studio we also provide both high quality exterior and interior 3D architectural animations. Animation is an extremely powerful medium, it adds realism and a different visual experience to your project. Even in the planning and construction phases, interior walkthroughs and exterior flyovers will inject life into your project.