Concept Design & Planning Submissions

Concept Design & Planning Submissions

Ascot Design offers expert advice and design guidance to clients when assessing the correct direction to any development opportunity.

From the initial meeting with a client, our first step in any feasibility study is to form a brief and have a clear understanding of the project. Then we undertake a thorough feasibility analysis of the site, evaluating constraints, identifying attributes and rationalizing these with the relevant planning policies.

Planning Permission

Our exemplary reputation for securing planning permissions, is a result of our creativity and commitment to produce the best schemes, and our enthusiasm for testing the system and securing results.

We pride ourselves in producing the finest illustrations and have a recognizable style when presenting our planning submissions to clients and local authorities. Every application is afforded the same level of professionalism whether a multi-house development, a bespoke home, or extension, conversion or refurbishment of a building.

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